NW Moss Removal has been cleaning and treating roofs for more than twenty years and takes pride in a job well done. Locally owned and operated by Connie and Ken Baxter, we have cleaned thousands of roofs and gutters over the years. We are licensed, fully insured, bonded and carry Labor & Industry Insurance for our employees. 

Our professional technicians live in neighborhoods throughout the Puget Sound and are dispatched directly to job sites closest to their homes. Our trained technician, driving a company vehicle, will arrive at your home and accomplish the work requested. You don't need to be home, unless you want to. Many of these technicians are agile, younger men who come from a carpentry or roofing background. They each go through an apprenticeship to learn how to correctly clean and treat roofs. Most are light weight, smaller individuals who have a gift for crawling and who are not afraid of heights. 

NW Moss Removal is committed to exceptional service and want to be your roof and gutter cleaning guys!

UBI Number: 603 443 691

L&I Construction Contractors License Number: NWMOSMR858JH

 Questions and Answers

Question:  Why is moss so bad for my roof?

Answer: Moss holds itself to the roof using root-like structures called rhizoids. These structures grow into the tiny cracks of the roof line and begin to break it apart. The moss also holds moisture which causes decay-forming organisms to get a foothold and rot your roof. Moss grows under the edges of shingles, loosening them and promoting the breakdown of the roof surface.  


Question: Do you pressure wash roofs?

Answer: We don't believe that blasting a roof with water is a good idea. Composite or asphalt shingle roofs can easily be damaged this way- causing bald spots, washing away granule and possibly resulting in a leak inside the structure. Different types of roofs require different methods of treatment. We use a safe and effective treatment plan to leave your roof looking great!


Question: How often should I get my roof and gutters cleaned?

Answer: This will depend on the amount of shade you have and whether or not you have trees that drop a lot of debris. Generally speaking, a well maintained roof should be checked for moss and algae every few years. We can usually keep your roof moss free by re-treating it with chemical every year or two. But be sure to have your gutters cleaned semi-annually to prevent overflow and damage.


Question: Why do my gutters look so dirty on the outside?

Answer: If your gutters have dark lines running parallel or if they are dirty or covered in green lichen- it's likely because they have overflown. It's important to keep them cleaned out on a regular basis. Have NW Moss Removal whiten your gutters- using a special chemical combination, scrubbing and rinsing to restore them to their whitest.


Question: How do I know NW Moss Removal will do a good job?

Answer: We want to be your roof and gutter guys! We never ask for any payment until you've had an opportunity to inspect our work and are satisfied. If there's any problem- give us a call and we will do what we can to make it right!


Question: Are the chemicals you use to treat the roof dangerous?

Answer: Zinc Sulfate is a white, powdery crystalline- a water-soluble chemical compound. It's not something you want to get in your eyes or expose children or animals to directly. But in the 20 or more years we've been using it, we haven't had any reports of injury or damage to a person, plant or animal. Our technicians are careful to use it appropriately and safely. Zinc is used frequently in animal feeds, fertilizers and agricultural sprays. Zinc Sulfate is EPA approved and will not damage your plants or siding or stain your roof in any way!

 Question: Do you wear safety gear?

Answer: Absolutely! It would be a huge mistake to attempt to work on a roof without the proper anchor, harness, safety lines and foot wear. A fall from a roof can be life threatening. We are very conscious of fall prevention safety!


Question: Does NW Moss Removal have a maintenance plan?

Answer: Yes, we can set up a regular treatment plan to keep your roof and gutters looking great! We also send out reminders at the two year mark.


Question: What if you get out to my property and find that the job is not what was anticipated and that the quote is incorrect?

Answer: We always do our best to honor the price we quoted to you over the phone. Our office uses tools to obtain data about your property and a picture- but sometimes we can't obtain that information or the amount of moss or condition of the roof is not represented accurately. On the rare occasion that we arrive to find the scope of the job is much different than we were expecting- we may need to renegotiate.


Question: Are there instances where a roof is just too steep, damaged or dangerous for you to work on?

Answer: Yes, it happens from time to time. In these instances we let you know right away. Safety comes first and we reserve the right to turn down any job we don't feel good about. We clean up to 2 stories only. We do not clean 12x12 pitches and always insist on adding anchor points if there are none in place and the pitch is steeper.


Question: What is the right time of year to have my roof cleaned?

Answer: Whenever you notice that you need it! We are from the Pacific North West and are used to working in the elements. We work year-round. If we waited for it to stop raining we might never get to work at all! The only time we can't work on your roof is when there is ice, snow or very strong winds. It's near impossible to remove frozen moss and so we'll often wait for it to warm up a little before we get started.